Highlights from the January Board Meeting

Updated Secondary French Immersion Path for LDCSB Students

Beginning September 2021:

  • French Immersion will become a system program, located at Mother Teresa Secondary School.
  • St. Joseph’s High School will offer Extended French programming.
Difference between French Immersion and Extended French at the secondary level:
  • French Immersion consists of 10 credits (4 FSL language courses and 6 other courses in French).
  • Extended French consists of 7 credits (4 FSL language courses and 3 other courses in French).

Both French Immersion and Extended French programs still have the necessary requirements for entrance to French programs at universities. University French Language Programming admission pre-requisites include Senior level Core French, Extended French and French Immersion courses, and in some cases a French language placement test.


Vice-Principal Appointments

The Board gave formal approval for the following actions of the Director of Education:

  • Liz Smith, Vice-Principal, St. Anthony French Immersion Catholic Elementary School transferred as Vice-Principal, St. Anne's Catholic Elementary School (St. Thomas) effective January 1, 2020.
  • Dennis Gray, Teacher, St. John French Immersion Catholic Elementary School appointed as Vice-Principal, St. Anthony French Immersion Catholic Elementary School effective January 1, 2020.


New Superintendent of Business and Treasurer

Debbie Jordan, currently the Executive Manager of Finance and Purchasing, has been appointed as Superintendent of Business and Treasurer effective February 3, 2020, subject to confirmation by the Minister of Education of eligibility for appointment to the position.


Student Trustee for 2020-21

The Trustees approved the nomination of Jacob Morrisey (STA) for the position of Student Trustee for 2020-21. The LDCSB believes that the interests of students can best be promoted through student representation on the Board of Trustees. The Board also believes that all trustees will benefit from having a student voice on educational issues and that a student trustee through involvement with the Board will gain valuable experience in the democratic process and a deeper understanding of the purpose and mission of Catholic Education.


AdamAtlohsa Peace Award

In November, LDCSB Board Indigenous cultural teacher, Adam Sturgeon, received the Atlohsa Peace Award for honesty. The Award honours those "who have made a social, cultural or educational contribution to the spirit of truth and reconciliation. Honourees represent the Seven Sacred Teachings of wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility and truth." Adam received the award for his work with our board and for his work in the community.


2018-19 Director’s Annual Report

Directors of Education are required to report annually on the activities and progress of the system for the previous school year based on the Board's Multi-Year Strategic Plan.