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About Our School

St. Sebastian is a community of faith with a sense of Christian values and family ties that celebrates students and families from many different cultures and backgrounds. We celebrate diversity and the richness that many cultures bring to a school community. St. Sebastian Catholic School is located at the top of a hill in the Glen Cairn subdivision in southeast London. The school was built in 1960 and included six rooms.

Our Parish

Holy Cross Parish
10 Elm Street, London, ON N5Z 2K2


In addition to 11 classrooms, St. Sebastian has a library that includes a computer lab with 16 computers available for students use, and a gymnasium that is home to the St. Sebastian Sharks.

Living Our Faith

St. Sebastian School is proud to demonstrate our Catholic faith in action.  Various charities benefit from the efforts and generosity of staff, students and their families. The Glen Cairn Community Centre receives our support through numerous food drives that are organized by our School. We also support many "Spirit" projects throughout the school year.  Within the school, we gather as a school community on a monthly basis to celebrate our common faith.

Each day begins appropriately with a prayer/reflection on our morning announcements assisted with student announcers. In addition, sacramental preparation programs are integrated into the regular religion curriculum in collaboration with our community parishes. Our school has a close connection with Holy Cross Parish pastoral team where we have some of our masses. We are blessed to have Father Nelson and Eva (pastoral minister) support our spiritual growth.  

Transportation Information 

Because of the larger geographical district, many students are bussed to school. In fact, there are two buses bringing approximately 120 (~35%) students to school each day. Many students are within walking distance to our school as well.

School Safety 

School safety is promoted through our safe arrival program, a close affiliation with the public health nurse, the efforts of our Safe and Healthy Schools Committee, and the promotion of an active Block Parent Program.

About St. Sebastian, Our Patron Saint

St. Sebastian's feast day is Jan. 20th. He is the patron saint of soldiers, athletes and those who desire a saintly death. Died 268 AD. He was martyred for denouncing the emperor’s treatment of Christians. First, he survived a multitude of arrow piercings. When he later confronted the emperor again for his mistreatment of Christians, he was clubbed to death. For more information about St. Sebastian, visit: http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=103