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Our collection includes fiction, non-fiction, picture books, reference, graphic novels, magazines, e-books, e-audiobooks and informational databases. 

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To learn more about the library's digital resources, such as e-books, informational databases, educational videos and online encyclopedias, click Library Resources. For more information on how to access e-books see the PDF below.

LDCSB Library Mission Statement

To provide access to a variety of informational resources to support the curriculum, foster a love for reading, and ensure the school community is effective user of information for learning and for leisure. 

LDCSB School Library Goals

  • ​​​Educate students on the functionality, organization and purpose of libraries so that they can be library users for life
  • Demonstrate how to research with purpose and process
  • Promote and foster a love for reading for pleasure and learning
  • Develop library collections that encompass a variety of formats to support the Catholic Graduate Expectations
  • Facilitate the use of technology for learning, research and communication

Links to booklists and reading blogs specificially for young adults (YA):

Stage 1: Exploring

Tips for students:
Talk to your librarian about what is available from the library.

During this stage, I will:



Stage 2: Investigating

Tips for students:
Evaluate your sources.
Reference your sources as you go.
​During this stage, I will:
  • Select resources and gather information
  • Narrow or broaden my topic
  • Skim and scan my information
  • Take notes


Stage 3: Processing

Tips for students:
Does the information you've selected answer your questions?
Be honest. Cite your sources. Primary/Junior   MLA/APA/Chicago

During this stage, I will:

  • Read and understand the selected information
  • Check selected information answers all questions
  • Organize and revise notes
  • Tell the information in my own words


Stage 4: Creating

Tips for students:
Reflect on what you have learned.

During this stage, I will:

  • Review and edit my work
  • Assemble my project
  • Share what I have learned