Highlights from the April 2020 Board Meeting

Director’s Report on Faith and Learning
Updates were provided on Continued Learning at Home and the Foundations Support Program, a program which will provide additional instruction in support of primary students’ (K-3) literacy and numeracy development.
School Year Calendar 2020-21
The trustees approved that the proposed 2020-21 School Year Calendar be submitted to the Ministry of Education.
Annual Report on the WSIB Performance and the Occupational Health and Safety Program
Occupational Health and Safety is important because work plays a central role in all our lives. The goal of the occupational health and safety program is the prevention of injuries, accidents and diseases in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment.
The LDCSB is committed to health and safety and the prevention of injuries and occupational disease, and will make every effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment, that fosters a strong awareness of, and a positive attitude towards, occupational health and safety in all Board employees.
Annual Report on the Employee Attendance Support Program
The LDCSB relies on the contributions of its staff to create a high-quality learning environment within a supportive, caring Catholic community. To achieve this, the regular attendance of all employees is essential.
The Attendance Support Program supports the Board’s commitment to assisting employees in achieving and maintaining regular attendance and to provide managers/supervisors/leaders with tools to address attendance concerns in a positive, and constructive manner while facilitating reasonably inquiry into potential accommodation needs as required under the Ontario Human Rights Code.
Reports of the Property and Planning Committee and the Policy Committee
Updates were provided on the status of current capital projects and portables. Policy for first reading: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).