At A Distance...

On Tuesday we received word that schools throughout the province will remain closed until the end of June. Learning for the remainder of this school year will continue ‘at a distance’. Thank you to our educators, support staff and administrators for all you have and continue to do to keep our students engaged in their learning.
Last week our Minister of Education released “Ontario’s Framework for Continued Learning”.

The document identifies that when our schools reopen in the Fall, we can expect that they will look different. We can expect that for everyone’s safety, strict safety protocols and public health measures will be in place. Our government is presently working with Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and a leadership team at the Hospital for Sick Kids to provide guidance on what our ‘re-opened schools’ will need to look like. As a school board we will need to be positioned to move fluently between in person and online learning.
While our buildings remain closed to the end of June, we are being allowed to provide temporary access to our schools for students, parents and staff to retrieve belonging and return devices, textbooks, library books etc. For everyone’s safety, strict safety protocols will be in place. In the coming weeks we will be communicating directly with our families regarding this process.
As the numbers of confirmed and probable cases of COVID is rising in our province, it is more important than ever that we continue to support each other and do all that we can to “Prevent the spread of COVID-19”.
“Success will be the sum of all small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”